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Take you'r business into your own hands and create a user-friendly website where you can keep a data base of all your clients, manage appointments, and monitor your business (End of Day Sales report, inventory and monitor time spent per customer)

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Tired of Cluttered and difficult to use websites? Create your custom, user-friendly website.

Create a free site for your your barbershop business with Barbersite.
  • Use the sites appointment calendar for effective time management. Don’t work harder, Work smarter.
  • Monitor your employees client turnover and earnings
  • Appointments are flexible and can suit the client and the hairdresser.
  • Manage inventory and earnings

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BarbersSite Features

What is BarbersSite?

Barber site is an application for easy management of your hairdressing business. At BaberSite, we provide you with everything you need in order to better manage your Business as well as offer your services online, from work calendar, management and scheduling appointments. You can manage your staff and advertise your services to customers. The site is clean, easy to navigate and most importantly easy to access.

What is the purpose of Barbersite

With BarberSite you can have a personalized and  smart site to manage and plan your business. BarberSite provides you with advanced and business- friendly facilities of professional hairdressers and provides all the tools you need to create your own personalized site.

Is it possible to reserve a seat both online and offline ?

BarberSite is a simple and powerful tool for managing all your online and offline bookings.

How is customer management?

You will have a customer database, number of customers attended to over a specific time frame, type of service etc… This information will aid your customer service as you will have all their and keep in contact with them.

Is it possible to personalize services?

Yes sure, you can specify the types of services you provide Employee time management / work shifts - Easily manage your employees' breaks, holidays or vacations


What are the special features of this site?

To have a purposeful and continuous relationship with customers, maintain your current customers whilst increasing your customer reach. Managing Online payments, keeping track of everything from the number of daily reservations to the number of customers, employees, payments and etc...